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What To Wear To Work Without Sacrificing Your Personal Style


6 months ago

Fashion / Style :: 3 Stylish ways to wear a Petite Jacket

Petite jackets are the one thing you have got to have in your wardrobe, if you belong to the petite women's clothing category.


It is easy, because besides being multipurpose, if worn the right way according to your attribute and read more...

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Expensive collectibles Photos - ABC News

Marilyn Monroe's medical file for sale

6 months ago

Powerful, intimidating, sexy: Do clothes maketh the woman?

But step inside London's Design Museum and you'll find Eve in all her unclothed glory, hand clasped around an apple before the first bite that sends the rest of us grasping for cover. We've been dressing ourselves ever since, say the curators of " read more...

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Experts slam forensics used to convict Amanda Knox, ex-boyfriend

Amanda Knox, 24, was convicted and sentenced to 26 years in prison for the murder of a student in Italy.


Court-appointed forensic experts testify during appeal for Knox and her boyfriendThe experts poke holes in DNA read more...